UVA Physicians Group (UPG) was founded in 1979 as a supportive partner to UVA Medical Center and UVA School of Medicine. For over 40 years, UPG has been committed to improving the lives of UVA Health physicians & providers and to the mission, vision and values of UVA Health in service to our patients throughout the region.

UPG is an administratively supported group practice which operates as a collaborative UVA Health entity supporting UVA Health physicians & providers at UVA Medical Center and in a number of Clinical Practice Group (CPG) locations throughout Charlottesville and the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Over 900 UVA clinical faculty members are dually employed through UPG and UVA School of Medicine's 21 clinical departments. UPG also employs nearly 200 advanced practice providers and other clinicians with UVA clinical departments, and approximately 150 physicians, advanced practice providers & clinicians in practices locally and regionally.

In addition to its clinical role in supporting the University’s mission to deliver world-class patient care, UPG provides administrative and financial functions which support care delivery and clinical management. Approximately 400 UPG team members fulfill these administrative and financial roles in Charlottesville locations and in clinics across the Commonwealth.

UPG is an independent 501(c)3 University Associated Organization (UAO), and is governed by its own Board of Directors with a public majority.

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Board of Directors
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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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